Wednesday, August 26, 2009

i thought

i thought

i am ok without u

but i am not okay

and i am pretending that i am ok


silly me

Sunday, August 16, 2009

internet.... 0.. internet

internet mjadi sungguh lembab skang...
facebook x leh bukak..
lau leh bukak pun mcm stuck sane..
hang sini...

facebook x leh bukak...
aku pun menukar haluan ke blog..
nak wat post pasal lain sebenarnye..
tp image x leh nk upload..
mengong lg...

ok, ak cube bersabar..
cube bukak mende lain...
try tagged aku lak..
what the??
separuh je leh bukak..

ape ni....
aku nak berinternet....
i guess internet asked me to study kot..

this week ade lg 3 test...
ade due test jatuh pade hari yg same..
tension melande di ctu...

jd ape yg aku ngan ais wat di saat2 genting ini??
merambu d mid valley kemudian menyambung sebentar di mines!!
sungguh x tension!!

jd arini stelah puas enjoy sane sini..
aku harus back to business la.. kot...
studi n studi n studi n studi n studi...
selagi x muntah... studi lg... hahaha

so please wish us luck for the three test ahead..
the subject really frightening and horror subject..
so really really need bless from god..
n also wishing from you guys!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

i know..
its hard..
to know someone you love before..
someone you love until now..
had someone else now..
i know
you are a tough girl..
you are the strong one..
to keep living with the broken heart inside..

dont be sad..
while he and her happily running their life..
dont cry.
when you think of him...
please be tough...
as you are before..

lets walk in this life together..
try to be as charming as we can... (hahaha)
while seeking for our true love..

he's not for you..
he's nothing compare to you..
dont lose confidence..
stand up straight..
you are more beautiful than her...
you suit for someone better..
let love comes to you..
only god knows when..
in the meantime..
lets enjoy our life being single...

p/s: sori la x reti nk ayat meaningful

Sunday, August 9, 2009


berikut jadual tarikh penerbangan di lapangan terbang KLIA:

  • 08/08/09 - pior
  • 14/08/09 - tkuk
  • 21/08/09 - bong

nilah tarikh2 di mane membe2 aku akan berangkat sebenanye..

tarikh dmane aku akan berkunjung ke KLIA,

lau xdek aral melintang..

lau ade org ajak la...

lau ade yg sudi nk ajak.. (hakhak ayat sedih)


tahniah, dpt fly overc.. blaja sambil merantau di negare org..

good luck dgn life di sinun yg sgt jauh..

naty raye anta ucapan kat paper tau..

hopefully u all all akan idup dgn gembire d sane..

dn jgn lupe mesia lak


perasaan kekok..
sgt xnk dirasai..
aku bukan si peramah..
aku x leh nk gurau ngan sebarangan org..
aku hanya ngam ngan membe2 yg rerapat je..
aku ngan classmate pun senyap..
aku memg bukan org yg begitu..
bukan org yg byk kwn..
bukan org yg mudah mesra..
aku adalah aku..
aku memg mcm tu..
jd minte maaf pd org2 yg mule2 x kekok..
pastu jd kekok sebab kekekokan aku tlampau nyate..

Friday, August 7, 2009

flying without wing

to those who fly without wing..

dont ever try to fly..

because u cant...

u know u cant...

so why try?

why try to know that u will fail?

so, dont try..

wasting time..

if u still want to try..

find a wing..

then, try la..

see if u can fly or not..

see if u can be up in the air or not..

just try..

cannot right??

i know it..

u also know it...

that we cannot fly with just one wing..

find another wing la...

then u got two wings..

a pair of wing...

then try again..

try to jump and use ur wing..

move them up and down..

so that the pressure below ur wing will be higher..

thus, u will slowly pushed up..

try to hold in the air..

now try to move forward..

then try to land on the grass...

if u success..

now u can become a bird..

who is not flying without wing..

u fly with two wings...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

a moment to remember

"to forget easily is a gift.."


memg a gift..

sebab ade yg susah sgt nk lupe...

susah nk lupe first love.. susah nk lupe kesalahan org kt kite..

sometimes there's some things we just wish to erase from our mind..

sometimes we even wish to back to yesterday..

to not make the unwanted memory appears in our life..

but the bad past really changed us..

"forgiving is not so hard....

its just giving a plain room in your heart..."

forgiving is not hard...

the hardest part is forgetting what had happens..

even harder when it is done by the one that we care..

"getting cut doesnt help forget the past"

of course not..

but it is a way to tell ourself that things changes now..

so that when we look into the mirror..

we can say that we are having a revolution..

we can say that we finally passing the hard time..

so we can keep on living as a new person..


ayat wane itam dipetik dr cite korea : a moment to remember